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Bentleigh, Australia

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Lazy Saturday afternoon

Sitting at home, just me and my samoyed Ziggy. sun is shining all is quiet, shopping done for the day. kind of wish i had taken off earlier in the day to take some photos but as its 2 pm it would take a little while to get anywhere i havent photographed already, so I’m at a loss as what to do. Relaxing in the sun in my back yard with a glass of wine sounds good, but only have the dog to talk to.

I have already visited my friends Berni and Steve to check that Steve is okay after being hit by a car last sunday whilst out on his motor bike. Yes he has lots of bruises and a couple of cuts and was out of it until the ambulance arrived. He has not seen the bike or how much damage to it but will wait to hear what the insurance company says. Thank god he is alright as apparantly he got hit by a car whilst on the bike and then thrown onto the road and hit by another car. Yes his usual sense of humuor is ther so seems to be ok.

Think I will head for the dandenongs tommorow and take some photos and as it will be fathers day it will be nice for me to just find a quiet spot and to reflect and remember my father who would have turn 85 a couple of weeks ago but passed away in 2005.

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