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Bentleigh, Australia

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In need of pampering, rest and a health spa.

I have been not the best the last couple of weeks, no easy way to say it but upset stomach every few days and no it hasnt helped me lose any weight. I am trying to eat healthy and have lots of fibre but obviously i am not doing a good enough job. My work is very busy and yesterday with no storeman at work i was doing sales admin and the despatch job all on my own, with intereruptions every so often from one of the staff requiring there stuff to be done urgent and today doesnt look like it will be any quieter, don’t get me wrong i love the job and the people i work with are great but would help if firstly the storeman was there to do his part and more importatnly if i didnt have to check everything he does.

Maybe I need to spen some time at a health retreat, get my internal body system back to normal and get my physical body back in shape. That may have to wait until after xmas.

Enough of my ramblins I must head out the door to work. Thanks for listening.

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