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Bentleigh, Australia

Melbourne based photographer who loves photographing landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts, historic sites and other cultures. Love travel...

what I am feeling

its 7 am and i am getting ready for work and getting kids ready for school. What i have been feeling the last few days isnt great, and it didnt help that i haven’t been feeling well. At times I do feel like I am living this life alone, my kids are wonderful but that is a different relationship it is not an adult relationship. After a busy day at work it would be great to have asn adult to talk to, to discuss the events of the day and just the world in general. Kids only focus on them and what effects them. Work is great but your that busy that you only have time for a little chatter.

One of the 2 guys that own the business I work at got engaged last week, I am very happy for him and as yet have never met or spoken to his girlfreind and I wish them both the best. The other girl at work is such a romantic and she has been gushing about how he planned the dinner and proposal etc unfortunately she was married at 21 and sees things with rose coloured glasses. Well time for me to get ready to work.

If i could photograph lots of blue and stormy things that would show how i am feeling at the moment.

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