Heads up, selling a Canon 300D and a Nikon D1

Not just yet, I have them in getting cleaned. And waiting for a replacement battery charger from the USA.

The 300D rebel was my staple camera for so long. It cost me $2000 back in the bad old days when stuff was so expensive. I am hoping for around $400. It has made me so much money in stock photography.

The Nikon D1 is just right for any photography student. It is a full professional digital camera that cost around $10,000 brand new. I bought it from a Police auction. It was an Australian Federal Police forensic camera … still has their barcode on it.

But at only around 3 megapixels it is more useful for learning about how to manage a professional camera. It would still be great for magazine or newspaper shots. I am hoping for about $450 for this. I paid way too much at the auction, but lessons learned hey …

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