Who is 123RF?

123RF is a microstock agency owned by the huge InMagine corporation.

They are specialists in owning a suite of smaller agencies and collectively harvesting the talent to InMagine.

One of the great things they do is sell via CDs. In this way the photographer is directly rewarded according to the volume of sales they make.

You only need to be part of 1 InMagine agency to be part of the action.

Now the sales are not huge. I have 215 photos on the site and last month made a measly $US46.45 in sales.

But you need to spread your portfolio. I chose 123RF because the uploads are so damn quick.

My plan is to have around 5000 images online across the agencies in a few years. So based on the sales by volume, 5000 photos on 123RF would make me about $US8,000 a month. Now getting motivated to take 5,000 photos is another thing … lol.

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