How to deal with Dreamstime

DREAMSTIME is a rewarding microstock agency to belong to. You can be assured of top sales, and if you decide to take a break for a while, nothing seems to stop you selling as long as your keywords are good enough.

But the downside is the length of time it takes to get images approved or rejected. Added to this is a feature that gives an approximate ETA for approval, which seems to change backward and forward at will.

The first time you get approved, you might expect anything from 2 to 4 weeks waiting for an approval, but do not despair, their is a solution.

The answer is to upload as many images as you can via FTP and leave them sitting waiting for your keywording. By doing this you sneak into the queue. Because the images are given an upload number which regardless of how long it takes you to keyword, your place in the queue remains reserved.

The answer is to upload 50 images, and then release them to the reviewers one at a time. Pretty soon you will see that you are getting the images reviewed in less than 24 hours.

Not only that, by keeping your submissions down to a few at a time, your approval rating will rise, since you do not have reviewers looking at different perspectives of essentially the same image all the time.

Have fun with DT.

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