Want to be a Getty Images photographer?

Lots of us dream to being a Getty Images photographer.

Glam assignments, wicked pay rates, and being paid good money and being recognised as a world class photographer.

Well, here is the shortcut.

Getty Images own ISTOCKPHOTO ‘target=’_blank

Istock is their microstock division. Istock say on their website "Our relationship with Getty Images also means that our top exclusive photographers are able to upload photos to the Getty Images collection. With their massive reach and your images, you’ll be growing your audience by leaps and bounds.

The deal is you must have sold 250 photos with Istock to join this program. From just 46 images I sold 308. So it is pretty simple.

Check them out. Istock is regarded as the leader of microstock since it was probably the first company to go large scale. Some of their photographers earn well over $US10,000 a month.

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