How to make money from photography

Regardless of whether you are a pro, who does weddings, real estate, or product photography, or an amateur, there is good money to be made from stock photography.

The great thing about stock is it becomes a lazy income, selling while you sleep, with little effort required at all.

Now a few photographers get on their high horse and claim that selling stock photos for a few cents spells the death of the industry, but that is way wrong.

Nothing will ever replace macro photography, stock simply makes use of all those images that would otherwise sit on your computer for years unused and unsellable.

People buy stock for different purposes. Many businesses buy stock for simple power point demos, brochures, images for their website, or to include in advertising. The amount of money you are paid depends on the circulation. For instance, at Dreamstime, the lowest might be 25 US cents, for a tiny image for a power point demo. Or, you might get $300 for someone wanting to use the photo for a newspaper advertisement. You might also sell the full rights of the image for $3000.

There are heaps of tricks and tips. I would love to help anyone out with advice by replying to their questions.

From my perspective, I have a small portfolio of about 200 images that makes me an easy $US500 each and every month. All this while I am sleeping, or out doing other stuff.

Also, many of the stock agencies are subsidiaries of Getty, Jupiter and others. For many successful Getty Images photographers, stock was how they broke into the big time.

I urge you to join the two huge US companies below to start your portfolio. Do not be disheartened if Shutterstock reject your first application to submit. Most of us had to try 5 or 6 times.

Like I said, just get something on line and start making money. Every now and then I will give you tips.

Here is the first: Keywords. People search by keywords. For instance they may type in “white van” when looking for a white van. So you need to think like a buyer. Also, they may be looking for a metaphor “success”, or “love” and you might be able to sell a picture of champagne being poured, or a wedding ring.


People will sue if you show brand names. All your images must be altered in Photoshop and brand names and logos must be removed.

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