I NEED your prayers PLEASE♥

The last 3 weeks have been hell on earth. I am more immobile than ever before with minimal use of my right arm and upper torso. This restricts me from doing anything with my right arm, no more writing letters, typing, photography, art.
Because I have lyme disease, the hospital, family doctor, etc won’t run tests. (ultrasound, mri, ct scan). I have been going to physiotherapy/chiro for weeks, pain and symptoms only gets worse…now radiating into my jaw/chest/neck/arm.
Pain level is 8-9 out of 10.
please can you pray for me…at home…right now….or when you go to church?

I have done well at keeping positive. It’s incredibly difficult to continue to do so when the upper half of one’s body is in extreme pain and unable to function.
I firmly believe in the power of prayer.
I am a kind giving soul with the deepest heart, constantly striving to touch the lives of others, even strangers, in a positive way…
I can NOT go on living like this….I need a miracle.
I have cultivated my own loving circle of family and friends on Redbubble and Facebook and am so very thankful for the amount of compassion, support and love that has been so generously been bestowed upon me.
Please know that if I don’t write back to you, it is not because I do not want to, it’s because I physically can’t.
There are so many beautiful and amazing souls that I have connected deeply with and I am so lucky to have so many bright lights and guardian angels that surround me.
It has been a really scary few days…few weeks….and I needed to do an update to ask for your help please.

God bless
love and light


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