Intervention required

I am really PROFOUNDLY COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY addicted to birds, especially owls.
So I either need to worlds biggest fix to feed this addiction or I need an intervention that will show me a more meaningful and epic animal to photograph.

Snowy Momma is no longer where she always used to dwell. Mr. Heron is gone for the winter.
If any Ottawa area photographers are going on an owl shoot, pretty please can you take me? I’ll contribute gas money.
My health isn’t so good and I can’t spend the time I used to in the cold…please will someone take me with them next time they go? The secret of the location will remain safe with me.

I do not do this for profit or resale or popularity or for internet hits. I do this for personal inner spiritual peace. All the wildlife photos I have ever taken, I print and give away by the dozens.

This is my primary escape and distraction from the symptoms and suffering from lyme disease. When I see an owl, time stands still, and for me, it is as if I am seeing God. There is no pain, no past, no limitations, no stress, no fear, no dread. It is the closest I can get to being in a meditative state. I only possess basic entry level equipment (Canon Rebel) so a speck in the distance that many photographers can turn into a full screen shot, is not something that is within my reach.

This means so much to me that I am willing to trade editing time, if you’d like your birds with a different background, enhanced, etc I can work wonders for you and would love to trade a birding experience with my skills, or home made cookies:)

If anyone has any equipment of a more professional caliber that is dormant, I am sure some arrangement can be reached. I have a friend that can fix just about anything and he knows how much these little expeditions mean to me, so he is willing to do odd jobs (electrical, plumbing, handyman work, welding, car repair, or whatever else may haunt)

This is not a grovelling plea, but an expression of desire for inspiration.
I am seriously jonesing for a close encounter with a feathered friend.

Love and light

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