Prayers please

Today is my second day in the hospital thank God Steve is with me
And this is not related to Lyme disease. The pain has been so severe I have been unable to walk sit sneeze cough blow my nose laugh sit. I simply cannot live with this amount of horrific pain. We are awaiting a surgical consult.
please keep me in your prayers I will keep you updated when I can.
If I need surgery I hope it will be done within 48 hours. As of Monday I will have nobody to help take care of me or do anything as I try to recover
Asking for love light & prayers

UPDATE ~ 1/14/2018
Thank you so much everyone for your love, prayers and support. I spent almost 3 days in the hospital, was told I was getting surgery, only to be sent home in the end and given a referal to the top notch specialist.
Thank you for your love, friendship & prayers, please keep them coming


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