Ottawa goes GREEN May 11th 2013

For those of you who are a new friend, or in the Ottawa and surrounding area, PLEASE attend this event. It could save your life. If I was aware of the signs and symptoms and educated 4 years ago, I wouldn’t be battling LYME DISEASE, which was misdiagnosed for the last 4 years. The disease is deadly. There are dozens of us in the Ottawa and Gatineau area who have this disease, who all have to travel to the USA and pay thousands of dollars in treatment. we got this disease from a tick bite (size of a poppy seed) from doing what we love, camping, hiking, photography, gardening. Some people don’t know they got bit, I didn’t. Some people don’t show a rash. Please come and get educated, and show us some support? We will be giving out free tick removers as well.

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