Does America have a shallow culture?
We have blockbuster summer movies with budgets exceeding two hundred million dollars, I wonder how many third world countries have that budget period? And it is not as if there is anything blockbuster about these movies anyway, cgi-laden junk where character development is passed over in favor of pointless everything…
We have a Republican candidate who is not even aware of how many houses he owns (I know how many I own) I guess he lost track around the sixth or seventh one…
We have a democratic candidate who talks alot but never really says anything, his fervor seemingly solely created by pretty blue and white stickers with a catchy phrase. Change takes alot more than words…
Rap rules our songs with lyrics that are about as deep as a puddle. Violent bullshit wrapped in glamor with proposed truth is still just… violent bullshit.
And these are just a few streaming random thoughts from me….

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