Here Comes 2017

Well, here is the end nearly of 2016!
Phew…what a year, hey. Time to get rid of all the negative
that has happened and remember the good.
I pray everyone in 2017 be saved and blessed and take time
to breathe and count your blessings of what you do have and not
what you don’t have.
Life is too short on this earth for hate, negativity, and envy.
I personally am going forward with new strength and enriched faith
and taking with me all the lessons learnt in 2016.
Still have a whole year left of tutoring my daughter and a whole year of
studies. I will be as usual living one day at a time by faith through grace
in Jesus Christ whom without I am nothing and can do nothing. Praise Jesus!
I will be enjoying the gifts God has given me to be a blessing to all and to show love more and more to a lost and confused and hurting world.
The world does need Jesus, I thank God I have him in my life to teach me how to live, how to pray, how to love and how to forgive. To be a blessing! Thanks Redbubble for allowing me to showcase my creativity on your site. Godbless everyone.

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