Where Have I Been?

Well, I am finally back after quite a bit of a break.
I haven’t been on for so long as I started studies last year
currently studying Diploma of IT in Software Development
3 years part-time. With home-schooling my special needs
daughter during the day and studying on top of that and
putting in some extra study time on top to pass each Module
I have been pretty busy, so my Art got a little left behind.
But I am finally able now to get back to doing my Art again
when time permits and tweaking my website-Artworksunique.com
I uploaded 2 Artworks I have done in the last month to redbubble
and submitted to a couple of groups as well.
I hope to do this now on a regular basis as my Art is apart of how I
wind down from School work and Studies.
I hope to get great feedback from hopefully some people who may
like my Artworks then and now and hopefully some Sales on Art
products would be great. Hello to all REDBUBBLERS and much Love & hugs!
Lynette Young

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