Picture Published in our local Newspaper!

The deputy editor of our local paper ‘The Whitehaven News’ started a flickr group called the ‘Whitehaven Snappers’ and one of my photos (along with a few other members work) got published in the paper last Thursday! My Mam phoned me at about 9.45pm on Wednesday night, to tell me that one of her Friend’s had told her I had a photo in, and I was that chuffed that I had to go out right then to get a copy!!
The photo published was this one….

The group looks like it’s going to be fun, with challenges and days out maybe being planned as the group grows!

Journal Comments

  • David Meacham
  • Nicholas Averre
  • Deborah  Bowness
  • Adriana Glackin
  • Deri Dority
  • hilarydougill
  • nmbrplus
  • gordontant
  • booboo
  • Carisma