Quote/Thought of the day....

“Never work in Retail”!

I’m sick of customers shouting at me like it’s my fault their bloody kettle/toaster/(Insert electrical product of your choice here) is faulty!

I’m sick of customers being thick! How many times do I have to give them the same answer before it sinks in?! Are they doing it on purpose?!!

I’m sick of customers taking 5 hours (ok, maybe not quite that long, but you know what I mean!) to choose a bleeding iron etc and leaving me standing there while they dither about and I feel like saying “Ok, choose that one, it’s Pink so it’ll work better!” Believe me, some people would probably believe me….see point 2!

I’m sick of most of the atmosphere at work, cause like me, most of my colleagues are fed up too……Anyone want a job? It’s a great place to work really….Ha!!

I’ll put it down to lack of sleep that I’m feeling narky today!! I think I pissed of at least 2 or 3 of my Colleagues today, and I immediately thought of Dabble’s “Who can I piss off today?” T-shirt!! I think I need one of them….Lol!!

Thank God for RB!!


Debbi x

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