Television History!

As everyone in the UK knows, analogue TV is gradually being turned off, and Digital TV is coming in, well the town where I live Whitehaven is the very first place in the whole of the UK to turn completely Digital, analogue was turned off completely on the 14th Nov. I think it’s kinda cool, a little piece of TV history!! What isn’t cool though is working in an electrical shop….arrrgghh!! I have been so busy the last few days, people coming in with problems like how they’ve lost their TV picture, they can’t get digitial etc etc , buying freeview boxes left right and centre, we were even open 24 hours on the night of turn over….luckily I didn’t have to work!!

So, this journal acts as an apology too, sorry for anyone who has BM’d me and hasn’t got a reply, and sorry for not commenting on as many things as usual, things have been hectic!

Big Hugs

Debbi x

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