The Quality of Red Bubble Products....

Well, I just recevied my first order of cards, 2 of my own and 1 of someone elses, and they are the BEST quality cards I have ever bought, seriously the card they are printed on is SO thick that I though at first I had 2 stuck together, but no that was just one card! The finish to them is just lovely too, and they scream quality, no cheap c**p here! Now I’ve got them, I almost don’t want to give them away, I went to keep them all for myself, but that would be wrong, I should share….hahaha!
They came well package and delivery was quick too. so Well Done Red Bubble….YOU ROCK!
Oh one more thing I love is the little thumbnail pic on the back along with the Artists name and a link to their Profile page!
Photo to follow for the Buyers Booth….

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