My first sale!

Woohoo, OMG I just sold a card!!! Wow, how cool is that! That was my reaction more or less on logging on and finding I had sold a card! So, I phoned my Fiance all excited to tell him the news and he was like ’That’s cool, well done!’ etc, and then admitted it was him who actually bought it……
Now, he’s the type of bloke who’ll tell ya if he doesn’t like something, and always tells the truth in regards to my Photograph’s or to what I’m wearing (I don’t always like the answer….smirk!), so I guess it’s a compliment that he like’s my work….bless!
Oh, and by the way, when the card comes, I’m gonna keep it myself (evil laugh!) as it’s one of my Fave’s Neon Pebble’s….Thanks Dave, you’ve just saved me buying it myself!

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