damn, i just got a reality check

My Nikon D90 has a ton of new features.
Live View
Images saved to RAW+JPG Fine
HD Video
and a most interesting little button
on the side with the mysterious
title of YNG
That’s what I said.
What does this button do?
I was afraid to push it, i mean, what if my lens
fell off, or the camera mirror flipped backwards
or a set of legs grew out the bottom and the camera
walked away?
I looked through the manuals and all the help
books and I could not find a reference to this
So finally i just decided to push it.
On the LCD monitor, this little blip
showed up. I squinted but couldn’t make
it out. I pushed the button a second time.
the blip grew bigger. I squinted again but
still, I could not make out what it was.
I pushed the button a third time.
The blip blew up to fill the whole of the
LCD monitor and the formally unseen
image was now quite visible.



Now, the reality check.
In case you haven’t figured it out by now, there is
no YNG button on the D90. I wish there was though
because I would not of spent a whole weekend
filling a whole 8GB memory car with images that
when looked at on my laptop, are all almost in
Great. What a way to find out that you need a pair of

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