raw chicken bad. raw image files, um, not so bad.

i will let you in on a secret of RAW
if you plan to work on your images a lot later on in
photoshop, or whatever image editing program you use,
save to RAW.
if you plan to open and close your image files many
many times, save to RAW
if you are just going to edit the image once in photoshop
and edit it little to never again, save to JPEG.
if you take a lot of pics and have a memory card that’s less
than 8GB, just save to the highest res JPEG, and forget RAW
RAW takes up almost 3 times the space on your memory card
than a JPEG, and makes the camera work harder and slower when
writing those image files to your camera buffer, and than to your
camera’s memory card.
and most importantly, unless if you have an image editing program
that reads RAW files, don’t even bother with RAW.
Now, if you are constantly being asked to leave a whole bunch of that
goobly gook techy yackety shmackety info in the description box of your
images, than go ahead and save in Raw
just do what I do, and say to them that you can give them all that information,
but you’ll have to kill them immediately afterwards.

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