super confused by this site

i’m sure it’s just me being new to this whole form of expression, but man, have I been both astounded and frustrated with my work.

i definitely know that on the bad side, I come here too much to check up on my postings to see what’s being received and what isn’t. and just that is freaking me out.
The projects that I spend absurd amounts of time working on?, nothing, no feedback, no show of interest. Nothing.

Even more confusing is the work that I do that does get accepted into groups, well no one is looking at those either.

The work that’s getting the most feedback is boobs and butts, and the work that takes me (literally) 25 minutes to throw together. those are the pieces that get the most attention.

I wonder if that’s a sign that i’m trying too hard, or that I’m taking all of this too seriously. I did start this in the hopes of making some sort of money someday.

I really do need to sit down and open a F&*#ing book on photoshop and learn something. Someone this evening explained to me a process on this shadowing technique that they did, and I was almost totally lost reading his explanation.
what the fuck is a burn tool and how does a lasso tool help with color/shading?

mind you, this is not their fault in explaining, it’s totally my fault for being ignorant.

and following that, i really get bummed at myself when i cruise around this site and see some of the work that’s being submitted. i feel like i’m working with a damn box of crayons and the teacher has to slap it out of my hands before i eat it.

“Bad Heyman!”

on the flip side, i have been improving. i find peoples work and i try to figure out what they did and i get ideas from that. So it’s not a total loss, but i wish i started this 20 years ago.

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