Chapter five

“Please Mrs. Mines, I’m not here to accuse, I just want to ask some questions. I’m trying to get an understanding of what happened to your daughter. Perhaps if we spoke inside, this would be easier.” Lindy asked softly.
The door opened fully.
“You’ve got five minutes”

Lindy looked at Robert Mines confidently, her eyes stern and meaningful. The living room was dark and layer of grime covered the mismatched furniture.
“Thank you for seeing me Mr. Mines” she began. “I presume you are rather sick of questions by now”
“If this is what it takes to prove my innocence, so be it.” He shrugged. Robert was smiley, with greasy black hair that hung over one of his eyes. His wife sat close to him, inspecting Lindy with two beady, narrow eyes. She too had black hair which was scraped back into a ponytail, revealing dark, drawn on eyebrows that were knitted together in ghastly frown.
“You’ve got nout too prove love” Mrs. Mines told him, kissing his neck.
“Now don’t worry Vera” he told his wife. “Officer West just wants to ask some questions”
“Detective, Mr. Mines” Lindy corrected politely.
“My apologies, oh, and please, call me Rob” he smiled friendly.
“If we can get to the point, ‘detective’, I have a sick daughter to go see” Vera snarled.
“Could you perhaps explain what kind of relationship you and Gale have please, Rob.” Lindy asked, ignoring Vera’s comment and focusing on the case she intended to solve.
“Well, it wasn’t easy to start with, the kid missed her dad, ya know? But we been gettin close, stated doing loads together.” He explained. “We’re like a proper family now, and we’re really close. She hugs me and I help her with her homework and it’s like I’m her proper dad.” He said, his eyes almost sparkling with excitement. Lindy knew he’d told this story hundreds of times, and he would tell it a hundred more given the opportunity, she saw it in his eyes. He loved Gale, that was obvious.
“You must have been pleased that it turned around” Lindy smiled.
“It made life a lot easier that’s for sure” he laughed.
“So things were pretty tense?”
“Nothing gets past you Sherlock” Vera muttered under her breath sarcastically. Lindy turned to her, and looked straight into her heavily made up eyes.
“Mrs. Mines I’m trying to get an understanding of exactly what happened to your daughter. You may think I’m imposing, you may think I’m nosey and you may not like me one little bit. But at the end of the day, we’re both sat here for the same reason, and if you corporate and try to work with me, well, I’m sure Gale would be grateful” Lindy’s voice was clear, polite and powerful. She now had Vera’s attention. Lindy had always done her best to keep the peace with everyone when it came to her job. She was aware though, that it was very much a two way system. Vera looked down, showing no emotion, but inside she felt small and uncomfortable. Lindy turned back to Robert, confident that she had set the record straight, at least for now.
“So things were tense?”
“Yeah” he admitted with a nod. “Yeah they were”
“Was Gale unhappy? Did she ever attempt to run away or anything like that?” Lindy asked.
Robert shook his head. “She was down in the dumps like, but after the wedding and things got all proper she seemed okay.”
“She was pleased when you proposed to her mother?”
“Ecstatic actually.” He smiled.
“And how long have you two been married, if you don’t mind me asking” Lindy asked, noting down everything Robert was saying.
“Just over six months, but I proposed a year ago”
“And that was the turning point?” Lindy confirmed. Robert nodded in reply.
“Yeah pretty much”
“So what about school? Was she happy there?”
“Seemed to be, if she wasn’t she never spoke to me bout it, what bout you Vera” Robert asked his wife.
“Said nothing” she shrugged. She was glaring at Lindy still, but Lindy ignored the chills and the awkward feeling that it sent through her body. Lindy was a professional, if anyone did the intimidating round here, it was most definitely her.
“Would she have perhaps expressed any concerns she had with her father?”
“I don’t want to talk about him. Do you hear me?” Vera hissed. “He’s got nout to do with this.”
“Vera” Robert began with a sigh.
“No no, it’s fine” Lindy assured him. “Perhaps we should leave it there for today. It was nice to meet you Mr. Mines”
“And you detective” Rob smiled, shaking her hand.
“Good bye Mrs. Mines” Lindy smiled politely. Vera disagreed Lindy’s outstretched hand.
Robert shut the door behind Lindy and turned to his wife.
“What a cheeky cow” she grumbled.
“Well love, she only asked questions about Gale, not like she was accusing me ought” he reassured her.
“She’s nosey, like the rest of them God dam cops” she hissed. “I don’t trust her, not in the slightest.”
“I’m not sure it’s got anything to with trust”
“I don’t give a dam what it’s about. Now I’m off to see my daughter, are you coming?” she asked grimly.
Then the two picked up their things, and set off to the hospital where Gale lay oblivious to her very dark situation.

Chapter five


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Well folks, finally got round to chapter five, and it’s a long one :) so hope you enjoy!

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