Chapter three

“Miss King? Scan results”
The voice cut through Lindy like a knife. She spun round.
It looked like a ghost, hovering slightly above the ground. She was white in colour, she looked almost like a projection, a hologram.
She was what Lindy had seen in the picture on the website.
A spirit sister.
“Ah, thank you sister” Nadia nodded, taking the image from her wispy hand.
“I wasn’t aware you had a guest” the sister frowned, cocking her head to the side, studying Lindy.
“I’m detective West. I’m here to investigate Gale’s case”
“I know who you are” the sister snapped harshly. Lindy blinked in shock “I was the one who called you here”
“Oh, well then I’m glad I could assist you” Lindy nodded, something inside her was telling her she did not want to be on the wrong side of the spirit.
“You haven’t” she snarled.
“Excuse me?” Lindy frowned.
“You have merely confirmed what I informed your boss” she continued in an ugly tone of voice.
“Perhaps we should stick to facts relevant to the case” Nadia interrupted, tasting the tension in the air.
“Indeed” the sister agreed. “So, if you have no further questions, I have a job to do, and not to be rude, but so do you” the sister edged over to the bed and began fiddling around, replacing the glass cover over the child.
“You told my boss the child was stable, am I correct?” Lindy asked her. The sister narrowed her eyes.
“Yes, why is that significant?” she hissed.
“Well, Ms. King told me that Gale was not stable. I’m a little unsure as to her condition”
“I told you, it’s a tricky topic” Nadia said quietly.
“We don’t expect you to understand” the sprit snarled. “Now, if you have quite finished, I must be getting on”
Lindy raised her head defensively, and Nadia cleared her throat.
“Detective, perhaps, if you’re done here, we should go talk somewhere more private” Nadia interrupted quickly.
“Perhaps that would be best” the sister agreed. I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m working”
“Yes, I’m done” she announced.
But Nadia was already in the corridor.

“Can I get you anything? Tea, coffee?” Nadia asked as they both took a seat in her office.
“No, thank you” Lindy said politely with a nod.
“Perhaps you’d like to look at the scan image now?”
Lindy blinked, she’d almost forgotten about the scan image. She’d almost forgotten that the scan image was the reason for her unpleasant meeting with the spirit sister.
“Please” she agreed. Nadia handed the scan image over.
“This is before we dressed it” Nadia pointed to the image. The image revealed a huge gash in Gale’s head. Lindy sucked on gums, a clear sign to anyone who knew she was concentrating, hard. The cut was a clean cut.
“And this is after” Nadia continued, showing her the other image.
“That’s very helpful, thank you” Lindy nodded gratefully.
“So do you have any theory’s yet?” Nadia asked.
“It’s a little too early on yet”
“Of course” Nadia nodded quickly.
“However, I’m not convinced that the injury was caused by an accident. To me it looks very much like it was caused by something sharp, very sharp” Lindy told her.
“That’s an interesting theory”
“It’ll need some developing before it can be classed as a theory I expect” Lindy smiled.
Nadia didn’t reply to that.
“I apologise for the spirit sister” Nadia said after a few moments of silence. “They can be a little, privet”
“Can’t we all?” Lindy smiled.
“True” Nadia laughed. “But there again, that’s no reason to be rude”
“No, but, you get used to it in this line of work”
“They’re very protective over the inbaterick’s as well. To them, anyone in that machine is stable” Nadia continued. “They don’t like anyone challenging that”
“But you don’t think so, you don’t agree do you?” Lindy asked carefully.
“I’m not really supposed to have an opinion” Nadia fired back.
“But if you were, you wouldn’t agree with it, I’m right, I know I’m right”
“Yes, you are” Nadia admitted reluctantly. “You’re very good at this” she laughed awkwardly.
“I get the information, but often I don’t get on so well with the people who withhold it”
“That’s to be expected”
“Perhaps” Lindy agreed.
“So, I take it you have some further questions”
“If you don’t mind”
“Not at all” Nadia nodded.
“What do you know about Robert Mines?” Lindy began.
“Not a great deal, he visited the hospital once or twice with Gale’s mother, other than that, not a lot”
“I’m sorry, with the mother?” Lindy blinked.
“Yes, he’s the child’s stepfather”
This was definitely going in Lindy’s notebook. That was the sort of the information that should have been in her case notes. The fact it wasn’t was actually rather suspicious, this was the kind of information that see needed to know.
“And they have a bad relationship I gather?”
“Quite the opposite actually” Nadia frowned. “Where did you get that impression from may I ask?”
“Well, he was arrested in connection” Lindy said thoughtfully, not really concentrating on Nadia.
“He was found not guilty though” Nadia shrugged. Lindy didn’t reply. “Are you okay detective?”
“Yes thank you” Lindy assured her. “It’s just, this kind of information should have been in my notes, and it wasn’t”
“Oh, well, I mix I’m sure”
“Yes, maybe” Lindy nodded. “But maybe not”

Chapter three


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After a case of writers block, I’ve finally got round to writing chapter three, hopefully it was worth waiting for, so hope you enjoy it, and I’ll try write some more soon. :)
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