weell it would seem i’ve decided hair dressing isn’t for me. Just as I decided A levels weren’t for me this time last year. I think i’ve found something that is for me now though, I think hahahaha urgh

I’ve changed to an art course, yes indeedy, my new tutor said that her lessons are like play, and you’re encouraged to find your own artistic methods etc etc. That sounds like pretty much my idea of heaven, finger painting like a toddler. I guess the real world scares me a bit, because when ever I get close to it, I run, run run away, into some kind of retreat; be it writing or drawing or thinking, or just any general activity which doesn’t involve many people.

I’m quite excited though because in this year i can build up a portfolio of my childish scratches. Anyone like the art work of 5 year olds?? That’s kind of what I do. Maybe i should grow some kind of shell and become a hermit crab, I could walk side ways and such. That could be kind of fun. Who knows, who knows

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