Share it? Share it not?

Gee… I just found out there’s the new ’Share it ’button added at the bottom of each artworks. So now you can simply share all your fantastic, creative works to the BIG WIDE WORLD. Very powerful…. But with great power comes great responsibility… No?

So i went testing testing… * Pink * straight to twitter without all the usual haasle. Not bad. not bad… next I tried facebook. Then I stop. And I thought, do I really want to share my bubble world with facebook? Should I? If for promotional sake, YES, I should. Why not? Tap into that vast network of friends out there, right? So why am I getting that tummy knot before I hit the button?

Honesly do i want everyone on my facebook list, including workmates, etc. and the odd ‘not my friend but added them anyway and forgot to un-friend them’ to know about what I do on redbubble?

Pink * I clicked it anyway. Off I sent one of my trusty solder out side the comfort of the Bubble. Goodbye. Be brave. Come back safe and sound.

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