AAArrrrhhh! This is so frustrating!

AaarrrH! I am torn into pieces! I really want to spend more time on RedBubble and indulge myself in all the wonderful artworks here, and also to chat and talk and comment on people’s work. But I’m so busy with the real world. Bloody hell!

Sigh… sorry for the rant. I’m really tired from uni’s work. In final year and have 1 more month to go before my final project is due. And I’ve been slaving in the studio for 12 hours a day. or more. I dunno. I’ve lost count. All I know is I come back at around this time… 12am? pat my cat and boyfriend. spend 10mins online, and off to bed. tired tired. waiting for all these to finish. Then I can start putting up new works on RedBubble and my much neglected website. Heheheee…

If you manage to finish reading this, woW….. and thanks for listening.

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