One of the things keeping me busy this week & very proud I am too!

Just over a week ago, I had a message from my sister asking if my hubby would consider having his hair shaved off for charity. Now my husband has been growing his hair since about Sept.2009 so it’s of a considerable length!
It didn’t take much persuasion to get him to agree and the result is we’ve been busy promoting him and getting sponsors.
I’ve also been taking part in a weekly 50mm Prime Challenge Sunday group and last Sunday’s challenge was to take a b/w portrait of a family member or friend, so what better opportunity for me to grab a few shots of hubby and his hair!
On behalf of the charity and to boost his sponsors, I also did a compilation photo of all his hair styles over the last 3yrs.
Gave myself a good chuckle doing that one I can tell you!
Yesterday (and this afternoon – after having a lovely self indulgent few hours here on Redbubble catching up) I took one of the photos I’d taken of my hubby and decided to do a manipulation on it. Still not sure whether to show it properly or not, as it’s a very dark almost macabre image. Very different to my normal style. I titled it, ’Don’t Judge me’ as it does rile me when people get judged by how they look or what job they do, and instead of making hubby look like a saint, I made him look quite evil – the exact opposite of how he really and truly is.
I’m so proud of him for doing his sponsored head shave for Tegan’s Wish
He’s already raised a fair amount in just the few days he’s started collecting which is truly amazing :)
This is my little compilation of the different ways he can look….just goes to show, the camera may never lie,but the digital artist can :))

Just in case anyone would like to make a donation to Tegan’s Wish Cancer Relief Charity, I’ve got the link to the Just Giving page here
If you do, just mention that you’ve made a donation on behalf on Kev John in the donation message so they can keep a track of who the donation is on behalf of :))

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