Pictures in your Profile

I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I put the framed pictures into my overview/profile. So rather than, first of all remembering what I did, and secondly writing it out each time, I thought I may as well put my (hopefully) simple version of it here. There are also tips in the forums if this doesn’t help you.

Go to the photo you want to show framed

~ click on the ‘buy/preview’ button
~ figure out what you want to show, i.e. a mounted print with a black frame.
~ once you have that preview on your screen, ‘right click’ on the picture
~ go to where it says ‘properties’ at the bottom and click on it
~ now go to the ‘URL address’ and highlight it, now copy it (the whole address)

~ Now go to ‘my bubble’
~ then ‘edit your profile’
~ go down to where it says ‘about you’

(now the tricky bit)

~ type in an exclamation mark !
~ now paste in the ‘URL address’ that you copied earlier, straight after the
exclamation mark
~ now type in another exclamation mark ! , straight after the ‘URL address’

Once you’ve done all that don’t forget to go to the bottom of the screen and press ‘Save Changes’

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