My Journals.... how I do them

you might have seen my photographic journals ….. if you have ~ I hope you like them (but that’s not what this is about)
…..the thing is, just lately I’ve had a few people ask me how I do them.

This is how I do them…(others may do it differently, if so feel free to add your method below)

~ First of all I upload the photos as normal but at the bottom where you have the option to SHOW or HIDE ….select HIDE~ then go to your ART tab, they should all be listed there as unpublished~ click on the first photo that you want to put in your journal, it should open with a red border around it~ “right click” on that picture, a small window will open with the image properties in it~ find where the URL address is and copy it (it should look something like this – Now go to your blank page……~ now type in an exclamation mark !~ now paste in the URL address that you copied earlier, straight after the exclamation mark~ now type in another exclamation mark ! , straight after the URL addressNow…. repeat all that over and over to put more photos in your journal

and now, … you might want to change the size of the picture …thats pretty easy …. you have a few options.
You’ll see in the URL address that it says …size:ularge… in the middle of it ….
you have the option to change that to ….size:large…. or …size:xlarge….

here are examples




Just one more thing ~ I find it easier to do all the set up away from here on a blank page somewhere…. like in WORD …. its too easy to hit the ENTER key here and have it publish before you’re ready….
…And don’t forget to give it a title ;))

good luck …

Journal Comments

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