Geelong Bubblers do Anakie Gorge

Today a group of Bubblers from Geelong got together at Anakie Gorge for a barbecue. The rain was kind enough to hold off until the very end of the day, even then it was just a shower. Anyway, here we are:

…and there’s a group shot here in Peter Marin’s gallery

1~ Peter Marin doing what he does best

2~ Peter Redmond

3~ Heather Hartkamp

4~ AlMiller

5~ the lovely Jane Keats

6~ a happy Hans Kawitzki

7~ Reg Lyons

8~ Luka Skracic

9~ hmmm …John Conway

10~ Narelle and Sue

11~ Suzi and Chloe

12~ Kenepuru, Mike and Aleah

13~ Happy Birthday Gretel

14~ a very tired Trish

15~ Sue

16~ Heather and myself (Peter Redmond took this because I had to be in it too apparently)

17~ and another one of Al …just because…

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