Hibernation of the mind....

Fall is here and as the days become shorter & the beautiful sunshine of late disappears, I find that my mind is slowing down along with the days.

I am enjoying RB, but I must admit, I haven’t been able to immerse myself into the groups & community as I would like. Sadly, mundane things like chores and work get in the way and suddenly time has flown out of my hands……

Interesting enough, I find that my creative juices have also taken a vacation at the moment! My normal lust for writing, photography, anything that envelops me into a creative meditation of sorts has eluded me as of late. I don’t know whether it has to do with the change of seasons or the sudden drop in temperature, but I know that my mind feels like it has entered hibernation for the winter. I have decided to ride it out & see where it takes me….

I must also admit that I have recently had Love drop directly into my lap & as I cannot seem to think of anything but him, I find it difficult to focus on work let alone creative pursuits! The old adage that where there is pain, there is art becomes increasingly apparent once pain becomes non-existant! Rainbows, sunshine, lollipops & puppies overtake the dark, brooding artistic masterpiece that lays waiting in the depths of my soul! I raise my fist to the sky & shout “Damn You Love with all of your joy & happiness, I cannot get my ass to the sewing machine or pick up my camera!”

Nonetheless, I will never give up this new found love for the sake of a really good macro shot or super cool quilt idea. I just need to re-adjust the brain & find some creative inspiration in the sickening sweetness that has become me! I will throw down the lollipop, close the blinds to the sunshine & rainbows & shove the puppy in the backroom for the moment & throw on some creepy Stanley Kubrick or David Cronenberg films to try & break the hypnotic spell of love, at least for awhile.

With Elections looming, financial doom thrust at us at warp speed & the fate of our futures facing us, I am grateful that artistic communities such as this one, thrive and continue to produce truly inspirational work. The more I log into RB and witness how supportive and encouraging all of the Artists are to each other, I am enlightened. Thank you RB Community, I promise to get my creative act together!

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