Faith Like Potatoes

Today was a rather special day for Miss Chloe Grace. However almost ended in tragedy…so to say in her eyes. I went to pick her up from school and while we drove away, she said “Mommy something really bad happened today” then she broke down in tears. She said “I lost my tooth.” I chuckled and replied “Oh Chloe it’s ok. That is exciting!” She goes “No mom I lost it!” She held up a little orange treasure box and said “It fell out of my treasure box when you were picking me up.” I won’t lie I was kinda disappointed cause I have saved every tooth she has lost and really get quite sentimental over this stuff! (This is her 3rd) But I kept my cool cause my little girl was distraught over this. I told her “Don’t worry, the toothfairy will still come!” "She kept crying and said, “I know, but I still wanted my money” LOL!!!! I asked her if she knew where she dropped it and if she seen it fall. She said she did so I thought oh what the heck…I will turn around and go look for it. She knew exactly where she had dropped it. Me, Noah, and Chloe stood out front at Cottonwood looking on the ground all over for Chloe’s tooth in the cold rain. Aunt Amanda came out to help us look for it as well.There was all kinds of gravel and sand rocks all over and I am not kidding it was IMPOSSIBLE to find this tooth. But I was holding out hope for my little girl. Talk about a needle in a hay stack. There was no way. Just when I thought all hope was lost I got down real close and in the crevis of the concret I started looking in the sand and gravel….I picked up what I thought was a a little rock only to find that it was Chloe’s tooth! If you could have seen the look on Chloe’s face it would have made you cry with excitement. I CANNOT believe I found this tooth. This was by far from an amazing God that loves my little girl. The movie title “Faith Like Potatoes” has a new meaning in our life ;o) This may seem so petty and so lame to some but my little girl knows that with God All Things Are Possible :o)

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