Into the morning – Mary, Lucy and Angela

Mary arrived at work fifteen minutes earlier than usual. As she walked through the bank door she was tickled by her own scent of lavender and rose. She went to the ladies to use the mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall; I am the prettiest, nicest, smartest of them all? She nodded yes to her reflection. Her mind wandered to the night before and her warranted actions. All is fair in love and war; there was no way she was going to let Loopy Lucy steal Reginald. What the hell was Reginald thinking when he accepted that ragamuffin cleaners invitation? Her plot was to corner Reginald when he arrived; she figured she would have at least twenty minutes with him before Lucy arrived. Lucy was going to be late; she had made sure of that. The moment he looks and breathes me in; Lucy will be history.

Lucy walked through the Bank door with a bounce in her step. She felt Reginald behind her and wondered if he was checking her out. As she walked passed the tellers she noticed Mary’s glare; she threw Mary a smirk and waved good morning to Stuart. Poor Stuart was a trainee teller. Taking direction from Mary was Lucy’s idea of a living hell. Stuart rolled his eyes then gave Lucy a wink. Lucy knew what the rolling of the eyes meant, but had no idea why Stuart would wink. She dismissed the wink and went directly to the storeroom. Tuesday was always a quiet day at the bank, there was not a great deal to clean. She often wondered why the Managing Director Mr Harris kept her on fulltime. She decided to mop the bathroom floors; this always took a couple of hours and it was time she wanted to mop away.

Angela glided into the café; with a new air trailing behind her. The air mingled with fresh coffee, bacon and eggs. She greeted Lauren with a huge smile and cheery good morning. Lauren had never seen Angela like this and did not know what to think. Angela had no idea why she woke feeling alive and more than that, why she had an overwhelming premonition something was going to happen today. She kept smiling. Lauren could no longer hold her tongue; Angela what is going on, you seem different, happy? Did you meet someone last night? You have that glow; you know that after sex glow? Did you have sex last night? Come on you can tell me. Angela was shocked by Lauren’s directness, yet she did not say anything. She just smiled.

Mary kept a watch on Reginald’s office door; he opened it at 11.35am. She was determined to cut him off; after the failure of the morning. She still could not figure out how Lucy made it to work on time. She spent the morning preparing plan B. Reginald knew Mary was behind him but had no intention of turning around. He heard Mary mumble something but only caught the words ‘water’ and ‘choke’. What did you say Mary? Oh never mind; with that she slithered away. Reginald shook his head and kept on walking.

Lucy finished mopping the bathroom floors; it had taken her longer than usual. With each mop she paused to think into life another Reggie and Lucy moment. At 11.45am she picked up the bucket and mop and went to the storeroom to put them away and collect her bag.

Mary kept an eye on the storeroom door and saw Lucy enter the room. She slipped past Stuart and as she left the teller counter, she stopped at that board that held all the office keys. She slipped the storeroom key off and into her bra. There was nobody in sight as she stealthily approached the storeroom door. It took her less than a minute to lock the door. She had trapped Lucy.

Lucy thought she heard the click of the lock but figured it was just her overactive imagination. She poured out the dirty bucket water and soaked the mop; then grabbed her bag and went to leave. The door would not open; she twisted the knob in every direction. What the fuck is going on, she screamed. It was not odd that someone else would lock the storeroom door, often Lucy would go out for lunch forgetting to lock the door, which violated Health and Safety protocol.
She thought surely they would have checked the room before locking it.
Fortunately, Lucy keeps the office master key in her bag. She unlocked the door and did not stop to ask who had locked the door, she was in a hurry and there was nothing that was going to keep her from Reginald.

Mary could not believe it when she saw Lucy fly out the door.

Angela noticed Reginald as he walked through the door. Her heart fluttered. She felt his stare; she returned it.
Lauren, why don’t you take a break, I’ll take care of him. Lauren did not argue, her feet were swollen and she was dying for a smoke. Angela greeted Reginald. Welcome to Café Rush. Are you here for lunch? Will anybody else be joining you?
She wanted to ask. Are you wearing contact lenses or are your ocean eyes your own?
No not lunch today and yes I am waiting for one other person. Could you please seat us toward the back of the café?

Yes of course, please follow me.

Into the morning – Mary, Lucy and Angela

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