Velvety - Just a bit of fun

I’d like to learn to sew.
Nothing fancy like Home Sweet Home; cross stitched.
A simple in and out stitch should work for my velvety purpose.

You see I had a vision tonight; a purple velvet swatch strategically sewn into each garment of clothing type of vision.

Adrenaline danced across the surface of my skin in anticipation of the sensation.

I considered all the different articles of clothing and where I’d place a velvety swatch, for maximum titillation.

To a pair of jeans, I’d have to use two swatches on the upper thigh
To a pair of knickers, a swatch to the crutch
To a bra, I’d slice a swatch in half and use under the straps
To a skirt, I’d position just under my bottom for a lovely sitting experience.

It dawned on me quickly and I laughed at my silliness
I’d not be happy with only a swatch
I’d want a velvety lining………………………………

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