Over the Wall

This afternoon I really hit the wall at work. My chin was heavily planted in my hand and my eyes were flickering…I was close to sleep. Not the done thing at work. I had only 40ish minutes to go and all important work related stuff was completed. Yet falling asleep at ones desk is never a good look. To keep from doing just that, I decided that I would type. This is my unedited ramblings. My friend Aj had to put up with it and I thank him for being kind and having fun with it.

To those that can write novels and my lordy a series….I bow before them. I really suck. But hey this kept me awake. Oh and be kind, it is full of grammar issues, and the story plot is a work in progress. Well even though I end this with “to be continued” I doubt I will.

Once upon a time…..there lived a little boy named Scott. He was the only child of Bill and Betty. Every day Scott would walk down by the river, which flowed at the back of their house. After taking his shoes off and rolling his pants to his knees, he would walk into the water and spend the afternoon picking up river stones. When his pockets were weighed down as far as they could go. He walked out of the river and to the back of the barn. There he placed the stones in a long line.

After ten years of picking stones from the river. The line had grown to a wall.

Every night while Scott slept; along came a Gravel Ork to replace the stones.
A Gravel Ork, as all people know eat only dirt and poo stones. Approximately 1000 stones per day.

Scott was 8 when it happened. During a deep sleep he was visited by a strange creature, not one of those creatures that are monster like and scare a young boy. This creature was half man and half woman and its skin colour was purple. The creature had long golden tresses. Scott felt the creature’s tresses wrap around him tightly. Before he realised what was going on, he lifted from the bed and flew out the open window.

Scott woke feeling waves of happiness, from his ten toes to the end of hair follicles.

He had no memory of the creature or where it had taken him. He got out of bed and dressed and went about his day as though it was any other day. After breakfast he rode his bike to school. Scott liked school, he enjoyed everything about learning. He did not like the other kids. Often he dreamt of being in a class room with just his teacher; all the other students he mused were drowning in the river. After school was finished he rode home thinking about the jam sandwiches that would be waiting on the kitchen bench; next to the glass of milk.
Once his afternoon snack was finished, he would get his books out of his bag and do his homework. But he did not reach for his bag and books. Instead he felt drawn to go for a walk to the river.

As he arrived at the river he felt an urge to take his shoes off and explore the shoreline in search of treasure. Without thinking further he found himself in the cold water that tickled to just below his knee caps. Then the third urge hit him. He spoke it out loud. I am going to collect stones and fill up my pockets. It took just over an hour to collect one thousand stones. As quickly as the other urges had come about, he had yet another. He left the river, shoes and socks in his hand and pockets weighty with stones and walked straight to the back of the barn. Taking one stone at a time he placed them in a straight line.

To be continued….

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