Lisadee Lisa Defazio

Melbourne, Australia

Here we are given the opportunity to own these wonderful insights into our human state; these remarkable images combine Lisa’s unique...


I have some exciting news – well exciting to me…most of you know by know I have released two books ‘Clara’s Clouds’ and ‘These First Five Years’ available on line and at my exhibitions.

The good people at Readings in Carlton are exclusively stocking a handful of each book title – each is cling wrapped with a nifty fridge magnet attached to the book. Now the best news is while my books are usually $60.00 each at Readings they will retail for just $36.00 each inc’ the magnet (yes I make about 3cents)… if you need to buy a gift of would like to treat yourself, run don’t walk. They are at the counter as you walk in!

For proof that this is indeed true view the link below…

Lisa at Readings

Well as I said I’m excited…I’ll be the one in the tree across the road with my binoculars watching out for interest.

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