• Form-fitting shirt for women who like a feminine tank top
  • 100% cotton, generous arm openings and exceptionally smooth finish
  • Sweatshop-free, ethically sourced cotton apparel
  • Cold wash and hang out to dry


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PUT YOUR PEDAL TO IT AND PASS THROUGH X. Negative pedal curves of limaçons (roulettes created when circles roll around outside of circles of equal radius, or when circles roll around circles with half the radius -- smaller within larger. Geometrically, a negative pedal curve = a plane curve constructed from another plane curve C and a fixed point P on it. For each point X ≠ P on curve C, the negative pedal curve has a tangent that passes through X and is perpendicular to line XP. Got that? Negative pedal curves are inverse operations to pedal curves. www.ThinkerCollection.com. © 2015 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Women's Tank Top

"Negative Pedals"© by Lisa Clark - Thinker Collection STEM Art and MORE