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I am a self taught artist and have drawn and painted since I could hold crayons or a pencil in my hands.. / My brain is an attic filled...


Sales.. how wonderful... Sales...

Thank you to my family and friends for my recent sales.. I am thrilled to know my works move you.. so much you purchased my art!
Thank you to Suzann.. my sister. for purchasing….
“Four Seasons of the Adirondacks Calender”
“Four greeting cards of my grand daughter Rheannon’s Country Christmas drawing”
“Four greeting cards of my granddaughter Josie’s Happy Holidays drawing”
“Thank you Viv vigor for your greeting card purchase of ..The Patch of familiar”
“Thank you my friend Larry Baker for your purchase of the Original of my painting…Bridge to No Where”
I am over the moon with excitement and very humbled these pieces are in your homes and heart♥ THANK YOU,, THANK YOU.. linmarie♥

I sold an Iphone/Ipod case... yeah!!!

I forgot I sold one of this on 02/11/2012.. here
so this new sale is my second of the case.. wow!!!!!
checked my mail this morning and I sold a case…on 10/04/2012!!
thank you to my secret buyer.. you have made this sad lady of late.. a very happy camper… I am honored you felt this was worthy to hold in your hands.. thank you , thank you from the bottom of my heart♥

“iPhone case…. called …Paperwork”
found here

It’s a great day!

WOW.. I sold an iPHONE CASE.. 02/11/2012

I just received the email I sold an iPhone case on 02/11/2012
We do not receive Bmail anymore I guess from RB letting us know we had a sale..
I am horrible about checking my regular email and just now found the message today on Valentines Day,, what a great present to me..
Thank you to my secret buyer.. I am over the moon with excitement and honor.. you actually chose one of my favorite designs I had created for iPhones..
HAPPY DANCE, CART WHEELS.. oh no,, there goes the back,, teeheehee!
and Singing your praises my admirer♥♥♥
hugs and hearts♥♥♥linmarie
“paperwork iPhone case I sold”
iPhone is HERE

What a great feeling to know someone is carrying an art piece of mine in their pocket or maybe even close to their heart♥
It just does not get any better than this…..♥

A sisterhood made thanks to Redbubble.. tell us your story..

This has just been the most wonderful, supportive inspirational year here on RedBubble for me,, not only as an artist/photographer/experimenter.. lol!!
but in the wonderful relationships I have found and made.
The sister support system is just amazing.. this is not to say anything bad about the wonderful guys who have been fabulous support and ego boosters here..but this is in dedication to my sister friends I have made and shared with,, and on this almost last day of 2011,, my sister friend vigor,, Viv and I shared pic’s of ourselves when we were 16 and 17 yrs. old.. girls with big dreams..the world was out there for us,, just waiting,, just begging us to explore. some of you wonderful friends have seen my pic and left wonderful comments.. but Viv, posted hers today in my honor, which m…

YANKEE DOODLES calendar and others are ready to buy!

Ok,, I have been busy compiling my many different styles of art into calendars.. have completed a few more for your viewing and purchase.. need a great way to have some paintings to put in frames once the calendar expires,, well what are you waiting for.. teehee,,
thank you to all my friends for the love, encouragement and support through out this trying year.. hugs to you all!!!…

YANKEE DOODLES. is a collection of my pen/ ink/ watercolor drawings, I call them doodles..

Natures offerings on rainy days ,, is a collection of my scanner art of real plant life from my gardens..that have been digitally enhanced into paintings..


“Natures offerings on rainy days”

THANK YOU ,, to all who look,comment,encourage and support me.. peace and love to you all…linmarie♥

My endeavors for 2011 thanks to so many Redbubbler friends.

PLUS did not know if you were aware of the ALL THAT IS RUSTED,CHIPPED AND CRACKED

AND I am working on a calendar with my scanner art in it.. coming soon to a local REDBUBBLE PORTFOLIO near you!!! teehee!!

THESE are all new endeavors I went on this wonderful year 2011
learned how to use photo shop, thanks to my sister friend, Pamela Phelps
and create smudge paintings out of my paintings or photography thanks to my friend Barbara Callahan
learned how to enhance color and depth digitally to my photography for my heavy metal art..inspired by many friends in the rusting business.
I learned to look outside the box. to look at mundane, everyday objects we take for granted, we walk by everyday,, or we may use it everyday.. so my

Too all Women on REDBUBBLE!!

She can deal with stress & carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming, & sings when she feels like crying. She cry’s when shes happy & laughs when shes afraid. Her love is unconditional. There’s one problem with her, she forgets what shes worth!

author unknown
found this on Facebook this morn, and wanted to share it with all my girlfriends here..

you are rock stars in my world of friendships, and sisterhood, peace and love linmarie..


this is my demo of pull string art, many of you have requested this
this demo’s how too do it with spray paints
spray heavily your colors of paint, lay your string down with curls etc, leaving a tail at the bottom for pulling
spray with clear coat spray, or more of your colors again so the string is wet, working very fast
cover with a piece of plain poster board, press opposite hand in center firmly
start pulling string from bottom, straight back level with table and quickly.
keeping firm pressure on cover, repeat for next string, pull cover off and you will have a positive and negative image,,
STRING, should be soft, pliable, yarn works the best no matter what paint media you are using, it does not break as easy, soaks up the paint, and leaves bo…

God Bless America

God Bless America, and all our veterans past and present.
We have the freedom to write, speak, practice what religion we wish because of them. We should all wake every morning and say thanks, because we did wake , warm and safe and can go about our day feeling loved and safe.

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