Hello to the redbubble community!

About a year ago I started thinking about starting a website that was so similar to this one that it is scary. I had started drawing up business plans and everything but now that I was introduced to RB I am almost 100% satisfied with what this site is and what it seems like it strives to become. In addition to being a photographer I have been designing t-shirts for my fraternity for the past year and will look to RB to help me continue this skill building.

There is only one thing that I am slightly unsatisfied with and that is the fact that there is no option for a blank border around my images if i want to order them as prints. Right now I have a border of my own design that I am extremely happy with that I hope I can continue to use once the prints service at redbubble evolves.

Other than that I look forward to exploring the community and finding some more great pieces of art. I am glad I have become part of the community so early in the site’s lifespan and hope to help it grow in the future.

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