Hello, I'm new Bubble. see my line here.

First time I meet this Red Bubble was a chance, I was looking in someone topic in the illustrate community. After take a like into this space, I found that this place is friendly and contain lots of cool artworks. So, I decide to become a new Bubble in this community, and be one of your friends.

I’m an artist, I create my artworks for living. The happiness thing in my day is know that my artworks was sold out, Yeah, It’s cool. I think not only money I earn, but also know that still have someone love my artwork as I do.

However, I still love to create my artworks. I feel in love with the line, I use it, make it and some kind like addict

Now I have lots of artworks published in my artblog and some collections of paint marker in a small webspace. It’ll be nice if you leave some comments about them, anywhere I hope you like mine.

While I’m busy finish the next collection, I still post my weekly :) artwork in my blog. See you.

The photograph on the top is one of mine, I’m flickr for a while. I like photography as same as I love paint by the marker.

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