Omaha, United States

Lover of nature, macro, textures, patterns, flowers and more. / Self taught photographer, still learning! / All photos are copyrighted by...

Duo Sticker $2.68
Golden Dragonfly Sticker $2.68
Kate Hudson Sticker $2.64
Male Widow Skimmer Sticker $2.68
Say Cheese Sticker $2.68
Drinking from Hosta Flowers Sticker $2.68
Cicada Portrait Sticker $2.68
Pollen Carrier Sticker $2.68
Resting on Seeds Sticker $2.68
Sunny Flower Sticker $2.68
Center of a Feather Sticker $2.68
Feather Soft Sticker $2.68
Crystal Drops Sticker $2.68
Soft Drops Sticker $2.68
Raindrops on Feathers Sticker $2.68
Feather Pattern Sticker $2.68
Sunny Petals Sticker $2.68
Yellow Rose Petals Sticker $2.68
Jumping Spider Sticker $2.68
Holding a Leaf in Sunlight Sticker $2.68
Leaf Pattern Sticker $2.68
Green Center Sticker $2.68
Colors of Fall in a Leaf Sticker $2.68
Tree Lane Sticker $2.68
Hawk on a Telephone Pole Sticker $2.64
Torn Wing resting on Dried Grass Sticker $2.68
Red Dragonfly on a Branch Sticker $2.68
On a Web Sticker $2.68
Lips Sticker $2.68
Bonnie McKee Sticker $2.64
Shattered Sticker $2.64
Shirley Manson Sticker $2.64
Branches of a Tree Sticker $2.68
Brown and Gold Sticker $2.68
Turning into a Skeleton Sticker $2.68
Red and Green Leaf Sticker $2.68
Orange Leaf Sticker $2.68
Holding Fall in my Hands Sticker $2.68
Resting on a Bed of White Sticker $2.68
Snowflake on the Porch Sticker $2.68
Texture Like Nature's Pixels Sticker $2.68
Yellow and Red Sticker $2.68
Almost Symmetrical  Sticker $2.68
Two Leaves Sticker $2.68
Hoverfly Amoung the Flowers Sticker $2.68
Two Snowflakes Sticker $2.68
Snowflake in White Sticker $2.68
Resting Alone Sticker $2.68
The Frame of a Tree Sticker $2.68
Interesting Plants Sticker $2.64
Water Over Rocks Sticker $2.68
Textures of the Creek Bottom Sticker $2.68
Bursts of Fireworks Sticker $2.68
Red Grass Sticker $2.68
Lovely Clematis Sticker $2.68
Under a Walking Bridge Sticker $2.68
Hanging out on Flowers Sticker $2.68
A Green Summer Leaf Sticker $2.68
Windmill in the Sun Sticker $2.68
Turkey Vulture Flight Sticker $2.64
Orion 2 Sticker $2.64
The Texture of Water Sticker $2.68
Layers of Land Sticker $2.64
Center of a Coneflower Sticker $2.68
Caught in Flight Sticker $2.68
On a Country Road Sticker $2.68
Behind Drying Flowers in the Prairie Sticker $2.68
Calypso Sticker $2.68
Pink and Purple Sticker $2.68
Yellow Dragonfly on the Sidewalk Sticker $2.68
Resting in Black and White Sticker $2.64
Over the Bridge Sticker $2.68
Under a Bridge Sticker $2.68
Soft Golden Sky Sticker $2.68
Bright Boom Sticker $2.68
Firework Collection Sticker $2.68
Mya Sticker $2.64
Survival Sticker $2.64
Resting on Dry Leaves Sticker $2.68
Yellow Against Blue Sticker $2.68
Night Sky Sticker $2.64
Dandelion Seedlings 3 Sticker $2.68
Dandelion Seedlings 2 Sticker $2.68
Dandelion Seeds 1 Sticker $2.68
Yellow Flower Sticker $2.64
Center of a Clematis Flower Sticker $2.68
Drops of Water Sticker $2.68
Wasp on the Sidewalk Sticker $2.68
A Toad's Eye Sticker $2.68
Orion Sticker $2.68
Fall Over the Bridge Sticker $2.68
Wings of Orange Sticker $2.68
Ant on an Adventure 2 Sticker $2.68
Sun Behind Grass Sticker $2.68
Soft Focus Sticker $2.68
Bird on a Branch Sticker $2.64
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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait