Looking to expand

I am very much the amature photographer. I enjoy wandering around with my camera looking for those moments that just capture my attention. I am all for natural pictures, not one for posed shots.
I am looking to expand on my resources. I just got some macro lenses and they are lots of fun to get close and personal.
I would like to get some cokin filters, the illusion ones. I am not looking to alter color, but the images itself to make it more illusional. I am amazed at the works I see others post with the multi image, the double vision and the mirror image. I am looking to get into FUN photography on top of what I do.
I am also looking to really dive into photoshop. I can do the very basics but there is so much I am missing out on. I would like to take a class or have someone I know walk me through some of the basics. I have books on it but I work better with the doing than the reading.
I also am looking to brush up on the basics of photography, such as focus, apature, field of depth, shutter speed. I have taken a very basic class but have not had much formal training.

I know its alot I am trying to take on, but little by little I’ll get there. Any suggestions or if you can help me out, please let me know.

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