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Photography has been my passion and poetry/verse has been an evolution of expression. My inspiration and appreciation comes from...


As you may have noticed I am trying out new software and seeing what I can create & would like your feedback ~ I am wondering about their appeal ~
Do you prefer it either way?

I’ve posted 2 new collages – one “framed” and one unframed of my “Painted Sky…”

And I’ve also started to layer my words into my photographs
and hope to post more ~ any impressions of mixing the two? Terri has sparked me in this direction and I am grateful to have found this capability in a intuitive application ~ Picasa 3 ~ and am now able to have it flow…
I have held back from creating my calendars because I’ve wanted to have my verse/prose/writing with the image ~ as it has become more of a reason as to how and why I post my art ~ so I will be uploading some more art soon!

I will continue to express in a multitude of ways my art ~ as I trust we all do ~ just trying to get a read on what potential buyers might like as well as trying to keep the “lid open” of my own box! :)

Thanks for any insight you wish to share ~ as always ~ I appreciate all of you who come to visit and leave your trails of inspiration in your comments ~ and in your own portfolios which mean so much to me!
xxx Linda

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