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Photography has been my passion and poetry/verse has been an evolution of expression. My inspiration and appreciation comes from...

Favorite Photograph...and other hard questions....

Maybe it’s just me ~ not having much “unbroken time” to give more thoughtful consideration to what are my best or favorite photographs for the varied purposes I’d like to create – calendars, book, collections, etc…
Feels kinda like asking “which child do I love the most?” or “which of my 3 cats?”…some of what is difficult is my photographs have grown to become more of a symbol or analogy of a thought or feeling I wish to express ~ and there is some of the dilemma…what is my favorite thought or feeling? You get where this is going and I need a new way of looking so I can create…
So I am asking you ~ my bubbling artist friends ~ to share with me ~ how do you approach selection? Tips of direction? And, if you like, what are your favorites of mine you’d like to see ~ ?
Any suggestions I would so appreciate ~
xxx Linda

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