Linda Miller Gesualdo

Des Moines, United States

Linda Miller is a self taught photographer who has learned from many other photographers. Belongs to Redbubble. / Uses a CanonS515 and a...

To All My Friends

Thank you all of you who gave me your support and well wishes on my new canon EOSRebel XT 300D. My sole purpose in buying that canon, with out the proper knowledge was to zoom across Des Moines and get a clear picture of our capital at night. But unfortunately the zoom wasn’t strong enough for what I wanted. But I still was planning on keeping the camera and buying larger zoom lenses later. Being old I also wanted a larger camera with the LCD view, but this also did not have that ability. But after much consultation with our lovely friend Lois who in my book is one of the greatest photographers here, I was still goinng to keep it. Our sweet friend Jim Harimon also incited me to much knowledge on the EOS lenses. I thank both him and Lois for their time and kind effort. But always something happens so all good things have to come to and end. I went on a phot shoot 12-22-09 with just my Eos. Unfortunately when I uploaded the pictures the caners had several smudges and round looking suns on my pictures. From what several of you have said in journal, that is called dust. The camera was only 5 days old. Thanks to both Jim and Lois I now plan to save up and get the camera that has all the features I am looking for. You see I buried the Eos back at walmart. Next time I will go to a camera shop, as wakmart has a tendency to put brought back items on the shelf. Right I have one picture up here taken with the EOs called my precious pug. There were some kinda good ones that might make it here. Thank you all for your continued support,

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