Linda Ridpath

Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

Linda usually paints with acrylics, loves empty landscapes,seascapes and occasionally uses oils and inks and pastels. Some works are...

Warwick Artsweek

Well, it is all going really quite well. Lots and lots of art in the area and quite a lot of visitors from all over to look at it. IF ONLY the rain would stop and the sun would shine.
Yesterday I sat in St Nicholas church invigilating our exhibition and it rained and rained, then it got dark then it was thunder and lightening!!! spooky or what??
However, some of the images of the graveyard around were beautiful, so today i shall take my camera and see what i can do.
The good part is that i have sold two of my painting already, we close on the 20th July. The cream teas we do on a Sunday are lovely and going down well!

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