Linda Ridpath

Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

Linda usually paints with acrylics, loves empty landscapes,seascapes and occasionally uses oils and inks and pastels. Some works are...

Awards and Features

I do hope you will all forgive me for the late journal here. I have been away quite a lot over the last couple of months, and a computer has not always been at hand. and it if has, there is no connectivity!
There was the added bonus of a brand new baby grand daughter, Elisabeth, a real darling who led us to Amsterdam once again. Its great being away, but its also so good to come home, but then you have to catch up with everything, gardening, cleaning, painting, journals… :))


I should love to thank all the hosts and of Solo Exhibition for yet another wonderful SoJie, SoJie 22 was good to me. Two paintings were nominated and both of them were awarded a prize. How wonderful!

Earth Element
awarded the Ming Myaskovsky Award for Outstanding Abstract

African Sunset
awarded the Ming Myaskovsky Award for Outstanding Minimalism.

Tongaat Beach

Tongaat Beach was featured in Women Painters Group and Painters Universe
and finally!

Painted Bob
Painted Bob was featured in Womens Painters Group

Once again thank you to all the hosts for looking at my work!
The Redbubble is still making me happy, and I thank you too for looking today!
aka ‘Bob’

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