Existence is a thread linking everything together. We live in a world misconstrued by our perception of opposites. Our belief in our intentions, whether they are right or wrong. Intentions are a dualistic point of view. We empower ourselves with the ability to do things through our belief that we are bettering our lives, or defending the lives of others. We do things because we believe that something will be accomplished, something that is worthy of accomplishing. Actions that we perceive as bad are not perceived to be bad by those accomplishing them.
To make my point a little clearer I turn to one of the circumstances that this sticks out the clearest in my mind. Adolf Hitler was a brilliant leader, powerful tactician, and moving politician. He accomplished goals that took a country deep in debt and made it one of the most powerful nations in the world at the time. He nearly brought Europe to it’s knees, and he did it with the best of intentions. While we may look at the acts Hitler committed and the conquest he set forth upon as evil and completely unjustifiable, we have only to walk in his shoes to see his motivation behind the horrors he committed. What Hitler did may have been wrong in our eyes, but it was necessary in his, for he would not have been able to rise Germany to the power it knew in WWII without the actions he committed. He found a reasonable patsy, acted upon the turmoil of a country, turned it’s populace against it, seized assets and finances and proceeded to develop an extremely motivated military. Adolf would not have been able to sway the nation of Germany and his soldiers to carry out the actions he asked of them without dedicated belief that he was creating a better world around him, and in the eyes of the party to which he created that was exactly what was being accomplished. While the rest of the world was on the smoking end of Germany’s barrel, they saw his actions as horrific and terribly wrong. So it was merely a matter of perspective as to what was right and what was wrong.
We must keep this in mind as we live our lives, because seeing a person’s intentions that motivates them to do the things they do sheds a great deal of light on things we do not understand or feel threatened by, and we must also retain the knowledge that while our actions may seem just to us, they may seem horribly, horribly wrong to people on the other side of them. There is both a right and a wrong to each action, and each set of events that unfold. There is negative and positive in every situation present in our lives. Do not forget this, because it is this that allows wars to be fought and the fate of lives to be sealed.
My recommendation is this, thoroughly take a walk in a person’s shoes before you judge their actions, look for their intentions behind them and see the good they are aiming for while you are making your decisions about them. Tolerance, acceptance, and genuine interest in the well being of those around you is how many problems we face today can be fixed. In order for all of these things to be met, we must allow our minds to remove our own intentions and see the intentions of others clearly. Eradication of one’s ego, sense of self, in brief intervals allows for a greater understanding of the world around oneself.

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